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Boom Beach Basic Tips

Posted By on Aug 9, 2016

Boom Beach, the best base defense game for Android and iPhone that is available on App Store and Google play, first became available in Canada on November 11, 2013. It wasn’t until March 26, 2014, that the game was released worldwide. This intense tower defense based game became increasingly popular after it was released worldwide, showing that there is indeed quality in the game. If you consider yourself a decent player but still admit that you have a lot to learn in Boom Beach tactics, buildings location, and general tips stay with us and improve your knowledge in a base defense.


Stacking buildings.

Make sure you keep your buildings separated by at least one spot in between them, this way you units can walk freely and you make it harder for other players to do real damage. A common mistake that was noticed with players all around the world is placing structures like headquarters, mortars, sniper towers, and similar buildings close together. This may seem like a good idea that can save some space on your island, but it simply isn’t. One well-placed artillery shot can cripple your buildings and further decrease your chances for defending your base. Luckily there are hacks that can be found online that will restore your buildings health. Downloading these hacks is completely free and you won’t even have to provide an email address when downloading. They can upgrade your units, restore the hit points on your buildings and statues or create more units to defend with.

Gold for Wood?

gold-storage-guide-boom-beach1Getting gold is much easier than acquiring wood. So if you are stacked on gold and you need some wood, don’t hesitate to chop down some trees to get a fair amount of wood. Not only that you will get resources this way, but you will also clear the way for your base to expand. And here is another tip. Units can go between trees. So hiding your structures in the forest by creating a patch of trees that you’ve cut down is another great way to use the surrounding to your advantage. Every tree that you cut will cost you 600 gold coins. If you want to get more and receive boom beach free diamonds than you should use online boom beach generator. There are some bigger trees that require a higher level of your headquarters for you to cut them down. Once you have high enough level of your headquarters, you can cut down entire forests and create more space for your glorious army to expand.

No matter how much you think you know there is always room for more knowledge that will, in this case, make you a better beach boomer! These were some basic advice regarding resources, placing structures and other ways of enhancing your headquarters. If you admit that there is still much to learn about playing boom beach, then stay updated and learn the best tricks form us. Even top players know that every bit of information helps in the battle, and how you choose to place your units counts even more so make sure you learn as much as you can about your opponents before entering the battle.

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Video games seem to be on the receiving end of a pretty harsh campaign, aimed to show this way of entertainment as something bad for our kids and people in general. And while a lot of gamers will argue that those claims are plain wrong and without any solid ground, we would like to go beyond and show that video games are not only harmless, but actually good for the gamers. Are you ready?

Hand-eye coordination

Hand and eye coordination is the skill that utilizes the good relations between your hands and your eyes, making you more accurate while operating with your eyes and fingers. For now, they were most likely to be developed by musicians, playing various instruments where fingers are practiced into doing incredible things or drawing, where the connection between your brain and your hand can literally bring your imagination to life. Through video games, we can develop our coordination in a way that is fun and entertaining for children of all ages, and prepare them for future art work or a place such as heart surgeon, where the precision of your fingers means someone’s life. Think about it.

Life lesson

I know that this is not something that many people might not want to hear, but it is important to say. Some people do not or simply cannot teach their kids well. And this is why the job that was once done by books and schools can now be made easier with the wholehearted help of video games. This might seem like an insane claim – but there is a lot to be learned from video games. Even though most people think of video games as a source of violence, most of them are sending a good and healthy message that discourages violence in real life. And those that do show a lot of it are showing what you should not do.


It might not be a reality at this moment, but I wish I could say that I was a guild leader with many successful raids behind me the next time I have a job interview. I mean, sure, it is just a game but if you get free psn voucher code you can join the community of people that you will be able to not only talk to but interact in an environment where your decisions as a team member will mean the life or death.

Learning to control your emotions, listen to others or take the initiative when necessary is something that will come in handy in your multiplayer sessions. And, you will learn all this through fun, meaning that you will develop and grow without the hardship of learning or even trying. Then, in “real life”, these skills will always be available to you and you will always have that edge – just from playing video games. Do you think it’s not something you should mention on your job interview?

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One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is a perfect game if you’re making the transition from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4 or jumping on the PC, that you can easily obtain via ! The core gameplay remains pretty much the same, with slight differences.


One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 offers a wide range of characters to play with, 37 to be precise, The game allows free play of any unlocked character. Unlockables are being consistent across each mode which is nice, because players can earn cash to upgrade characters or purchase textures such as additional costumes, music and movie sequences from the shop. Graphics is very smooth, on the PS4 there ais very little to slow it down, even when the screen is filled with masses of enemies, It’s pretty satisfying to unleash powerful attacks and we really enjoyed sending large groups of enemies flying across the screen! New players can tackle Luffy story across 22 stages where the focus is on fighting an open environment against of regular forces and more powerful captains. Some boss characters are thrown in for good measure. headerThere are a few combos and players can utilize them as the story progresses. More moves become available with block button that allows invasive move which doubles up closing gap between your character and locked target, You have an option to team up with secondary characters for devastating attack moves. Attacks have choice to be without power for specials, but there’s enough options to keep the game from being too repetitive and allowing for a bit of individual flair. Players who simply wish to button mash can do so with ease and still come out on top due to the forgiving nature of each stage. The game offers a slight tactical element where players need to stay focused on events that happened during the skirmishes which require being in a certain location for special sequences or aiding an ally before they get taken out. This aspect is a element of american forces games and certainly makes each stage much more challenging although failure does mean restarting the entire level from the beginning.


Pirate Warriors 3 certainly makes its mark on the ps4 as a worthy entry for the series. Playstation 3 gamers might be a bit short in terms of there being little new here, however have an abundance of entertaining characters and amusing new scenes makes it worth playing.

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Titan Souls is fresh, new RPG game available on Playstation 4 that offers a lot for sincere players, the game emphasize skill or this style and in shadow of big titles it is trying to create its own brand in the game industry. Titan Souls is vivid fiction of crazy fantasy world that will bring you top-down arcade gameplay and unique feeling you are actually saving the world. It is made in outdated graphics, but which unique experience and feeling of really great game.If you are wandering “How to get free Playstation Plus” do not worry, solution is here!

This game is tough! In Titan Souls every shift counts, every mistake maybe lethal. At the beginning of the game to look at the bow and ability to fire just one simple single arrow. The mechanics of the game is also very simple the longer you draw the bow, the farther you will shoot and you will deal much more damage. You will face different amount of enemies of all kinds trying to solve the mysteries of ancient world. To win this game you should be very precise and nimble, that sometimes may be very frustrating. The simplicity of the game is surely something that we all need on overwhelmed game industry market, but also over simplicity maybe counterproductive. Basically, you will need one tactic-aim and fire your arrow until you hit your mark.

You should need a lot of practice if you want to become very skillful in this simple action, so it reminds me on wisdom and perfection of zen archers in ancient Japan. This unique gameplay style will force you to learn certain movement patterns and special attacks of your enemies. You need to reveal weak spots and with precise aim you can be victorious. But that is not so easy, as it looks. You may think that Titan Souls is monotonous game, but it is not so. Levels of the game are extremely creative and very well. It. You will be able to explore cold snow area, forest, burning lava volcano and many other areas.

The maps are filled with all kind of caves, paths and-traps. Downside of this excellent game is a fact that you will die very quickly in the game. You must have nerves of steel and precision of Robin Hood to beat this game.If you are looking for such challenge Titan Souls will give you ultimate and unique experience that is just one arrow away.

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The Giant is first tank unit in Clash of Clans, it is also one of the most popular units in the game. This time, we decided to create this short tutorial that will cover some basic statistics and strategies about this unit.

Giants are very cheap units and at the same time they can target defenses structure as their priority targets. Giants are perfect tanks in the game, because they can receive huge amount of damage and protect other units like archers. Giants can attack only ground units, but there preferred target are defensive structures. At the same time they are very slow units, with average speed of 12 tiles. Production time is 2 min. for one unit with cost of five supply units.Giants have supremely large number of health points and will attack defensive structures first, but they are very slow units and deals almost no damage at all. Therefore, there is no better tanking unit in clash of Clans then Giants. You should invest your resources in upgrading Giants, because they gain very important boost with upgrades, specially from level 3 to level 5. At maximum level 6, they gain additional 300 healtpoints that are necessary for successful tanking in the game. Spring traps are the greatest enemies of Giants in the game. To create really great farming Army you should upgrade your Town Hall to level 8 with clash of clans hack and then create Army of Giants, wall breakers and archers.

Deploy your Giants, then a few wall breakers and after you take down initial defense deploy your archers. Many new players are experimenting with creating solo giant Army, but the truth is that Giants are not strong enough, even they may be supported with beneficial spells like rage or healing. Do not forget that Giants are not free units, they can be very expensive, just like dragons. Try to collect relate to the cost of elixir if you want to create huge Army of Giants, and you will be surprised with extremely high cost.

Use barbarians instead of Giants and early stages of the game, because they are cheap and very effective. Try very interesting strategy, deploy one or two goblins before your Giants, they will start any traps that may be in front of the Giants, and save your precious units. Deploy your Giants after the traps are revealed and attack nearby defensive structure. You should deploy all your remaining Giants and archers after you take down defensive walls. You can use to spells to help you Giants in the battle, use rage spell to increase damage and use healing spell to quickly heal your Giants and increase their survivability.

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At the beginning of the clash of Clans game first ranged unit that you will get are Archers. In this short tutorial we will try to explain few tips and tricks that should help you to play much better with this unit. They are certain advantages and disadvantage of using this it unit in the game and they will try to cover all important issues in this short article.

The archers have low health and can deal only a small amount of damage, but it is not relevant because they can target enemy units on a long range. By doing so, they can attack units behind the walls, like for example resource structures or Clan Castle units. Archers are very cheap units, you will need just one supply unit to produce one archer. Production time is relatively low, 25 seconds for one unit. They are a little bit faster than barbarians, with speed of 24 tiles and can attack ground and air units as well. They do not have any preferred target and all those qualities makes them one of the most used units in the game. Upgrades are very important, especially between levels 3 and 5. At that point they will gain additional hitpoints, which is very important upgrade. Arches are very useful units for trophy hunting, especially in combination with barbarians. This combination is one of the best farming strategies available for clash of Clans. The downside of this unit is a fact that they are very fragile, so it is very important to protect them. First of all, you should always spread out your archers to prevent area of demage structures like Mortars to destroy your units. Another tip that is very useful is to place a tanking unit before archers and if you need any resources, you can try clash of clans cheats to make your life easier.

You can use barbarians or Giants for that purpose and those units will protect archers from Wizard Towers or Mortars. You can use your archers to destroy Army Camps, Mines and Barracks by attacking such structures behind the walls. That is the prime advantage of archers, they can attack and destroy Cannons and Archer Towers behind walls. The biggest problem are area of damage Towers like Wizard Towers or Mortars. The solution for this problem as the drop a Giant before other troops and after you receive initial attack deploy your archers to take down towers very easily.Archers are one of the best unit in Clash of Clans. We presented few tips and tricks in this tutorial that will help you, for sure to be much more efficient player.

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If you like racing simulation Project Car is a perfect game for you! Period! This is extremely detailed racing simulation that will capture you with every aspect of the game. You will feel like you are within a real racing car, driving on world’s most famous racing circuits.

The game is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it has potential potential to become a leader in the genre. It is extremely user-friendly game with a ton of customizable options and settings that guarantee you complete control upon every aspect of the game. The controls in the game are just perfect, unbelievably well done. Everything will give you a feeling that you are driving a real car, so we may say that this is the definitive racing simulation, the best game in the genre ever made. You will be able to choose among different settings from Touring Cars, Rally, Open-Wheel, Le Mans, and there are many more available in the game.


Every aspect of the game allows you to fine tune difficulty and race length. It is a very nicely done with a slider from 0 to 100, so even the most demanding players will find a perfect setting for a game. At the beginning of the game you will choose a career and of course a sponsor. You can choose championship and if you are successful you will improve your car and abilities and go for another one. Basically, you will have an option to choose three career goals – Zero to Hero, Triple Crown, and Defending Champ. The graphics in the game is simply superb; it uses all capabilities of modern graphic cards. You will truly enjoy in realistic drive and detailed car models in the game. You will truly enjoy in wonderful graphics and the fact that game is focus on racing.

There are variety of tracks, cars and disciplines to be chosen, and you will fight against almost intelligent computer players. We may say that Project Car is the best-looking racer available on the market today, with superb gameplay and effects. You will be astonished with realism that is present in the game, weather effects and natural lighting are just perfect. Project Car is almost a perfect racing game available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is, surely, one of the best racing games ever made, so do not miss it!

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